Return Tour: Granada to Córdoba Transfer Service and vice versa. Tours Like No Other

Córdoba and Granada are two cities that receive large amounts of tourists every year because of their beautiful landscapes and wide variety of activities everybody can enjoy, no matter the season.

Transfer Generalife, a DMC company in Spain with more than 30 years of experience, is dedicated to always offer the most pleasurable experiences to all of their clients with our Granada to Córdoba transfer service. If you would like to know more about our full range of amenities, simply keep reading our post!

A Little Stop in the Way Never Hurts: Villages to Visit in Both Cities

Being an astonishingly beautiful Autonomous Community as it is, Andalusia always offers some small places to stop by and enjoy for a bit. If you ever like to have a break along the way, simply let us know, and we will be waiting for you to continue the journey to your desired destination.

For example, close to the main area of Granada you will find the beautiful villages of Capileira, Bubión and Pampaneira are a must-see. The tasty dishes that can be tried out there, as well as the beautiful white houses, will undoubtedly make you want to stay there forever.

The same happens with Córdoba: a wonderful city, surrounded by beautiful villages along the way to the centre of it. For example, we recommend you visit Zuheros, Iznájar, Montoro and Espejo. All of them, with their immense beauty and varied things to do and visit, will make you fall in love with this city and villages.

Transfer from Granada to Córdoba: Airport, Tour and DMC Services

Before going in-depth about all of our services, let us refresh your memory by giving you again a brief summary of all the services that Transfer Generalife offers to everybody that hires a private car with chauffeur: firstly, as you might have already guessed, our Granada to Córdoba transfer services have a really high demand, as these two cities are close to each other and transportation from one to the other is really common. 

That said, remember that we do not only offer the former services, but also airport transfer ones, in case you arrive in any of the cities for holiday reasons. We also offer transportation from other airports in Spain, such as the capital of the country, Madrid. As long as you let us know where to pick you up and when, we will take care of the rest. Moreover, do not forget either about our AVE train station services, as well as business ones, so you feel completely at ease when taking your business partners to any kind of meeting or similar event. We do take our job seriously no matter the occasion, and customer satisfaction is our top priority

Which Route Would You Like to Take? Different Landscapes, Same Professional Services

If you would like to have a closer look at even more services that we offer, then we are happy to let you know that the following are services that we also offer to anybody that hires any of our service. Within Andalusia, you can discover and enjoy our Granada to Málaga, Granada-Ronda and Granada-Sevilla routes. The former are only some of them, though, so feel free to ask for a similar one: we are sure that we will not disappoint you!

Furthermore, if you ever need to go from Granada to the capital of the country, Madrid, you can rest easy: we also offer this service! And, if for any reason you need some extra hour or go a couple extra km along the way, this is not a matter of worry: we will take care of letting you know the price of every one of our amenities.

Hiring A Service With Us: A Very Simple Step

It is normal to feel indecisive during many times in our life, especially when making an important decision, such as hiring a service. However, hiring any kind of service with Transfer Generalife is not difficult at all. On our website, we offer a very simple quote form that will make the process quick and simple. You only need to provide us with your name, e-mail, date and address of pickup time and destination and, finally, a car of your choice. Nothing else is needed. If this might feel like a surprise for you, it truly should not be: our more than 30 years as a high-quality DMC company prove that we are a team of experts that always give their all every single day. And, in case you would like to know more about our performance during these three decades of hard work, feel free to read our Portfolio.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. For this reason, you will get the following benefits by simply hiring any of our private driver services: enjoy a trip with all tolls’ fares included, free Wi-Fi access, a bilingual driver that speaks English and Spanish, free child seats and free water bottles, with an extra olive oil pack as a courtesy.

Granada to Córdoba Transfer Services: The Best Way to Enjoy Andalusia

As you might already know, Transfer Generalife offers to all their clients the possibility to enjoy a very relaxing and appealing tour from one city to another in Andalusia. Granada and Córdoba are not exceptions: 

Córdoba is a city that has been gifted with a varied and long-lasting culture since time immemorial. Romans, Jews, Arabs… They all left a legacy that has been protected and nurtured for innumerable years. Famous places like Medina-Azahara, the Judería or Jewish quarter and the Roman bridge are hotspots that nobody should miss when visiting this city. Furthermore, in terms of cuisine, Córdoba’s gastronomy will surely impress many. Dishes like salmorejo, flamenquines and ajoblanco are a must-have when travelling to Córdoba.

Granada, on the other hand, has no reason to envy Córdoba in the slightest. Having well-known places to visit, such as the Alhambra, the Cartuja and the Alpujarra, and dishes such as beans with ham, Sacromonte omelette and the San Antón’s pot, rest assured that this city will always be in your memory once you visit it for the first time with us. Who would not want to enjoy a Granada to Cordoba transfer service after learning all the former?

How do you feel after getting to know a bit more of these cities and reminding you of all our services? We have no doubt that you are eager to visit them with us! Enjoy the best trips of all Andalusia, only with Transfer Generalife.

Our Wide Variety of Transfer Vehicles

It is possible that you already know about our wide range of vehicles offered for any of our routes. In the event of needing to remember them, do not worry, as we will summarise them all in the following lines. Take good note in case you would like to hire our private driver transfer services again!

Let us start with our Executive Mercedez-Benz E Class, a vehicle for four people and one of our cheapest options. We also have other cars from this well-known brand, such as the Premium Mercedes-Benz V Class (seven people in total), and our Premium Mercedes-Benz S Class (four people, and the one with the best quality overall).

Last, but not least, we also offer the option of choosing a Toyota Prius+ car, a vehicle that is compliant with our ECO Transfer Zero Emission policy. Not only it is our cheapest option, but it also is perfect to make our carbon footprint a very small one. Do you need any other reasons to trusts our professional services? Hire a private taxi with chauffeur service today!

There are several ways to go from and to any of these two cities. The most common ways are by train, by bus, and by car. Obviously, going by car reduces the time of arrival significantly compared to other means of transport.
Depending on the route chosen when travelling by car, there is a distance of around 170-200 km between both cities.
It takes a total time of approximately 2 h 15 m – 2h 30 m to get to any of these cities by car.

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